Saturday, June 25, 2005

Blog of the Week

What started out as a humble blog and more a fanciful hobby, was recently voted as "Blog of the Week" by the Times of India.

Lover of life, singer of songs

"If you want to find peace, go to Montreux."

Didn't have a digicam when I saw this one, so took the liberty of picking this off the net - courtesy:

Rowling's wall art

At King's Cross station in London

Friday, June 24, 2005

More fictitious walls?

At Baker Street station in London

Om mani padme hum

Mani stones and a mandala near the outpost guarding the road to Siachen glacier

Pink bench art...

...deserves pink attire, eh? Outside the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

Vintage hand pump in Berlin


Creeping vines but creeping wine bottles?

From the outside looking in

Art through a window - one is meant to peer through windows at this gallery in Rothenburg

My orange car and... orange house

Keeping time

Somewhere in Black Forest - a sun dial house

Waiting to catch a bus to Calais...

... these women sit patiently outside the Oostende train station

Droogle says you get a Flying Bull...

...if you mix a peg of dark rum, a peg of light rum and a Red Bull.

Egocentrically delicious

The tagline says it all

Friday, June 03, 2005

Art commemorating those exterminated at Dachau

The concentration camp at Dachau near Munich leaves one numb and speechless as the ghost of the atrocities committed here play havoc with the senses...

Drain cover art - Tokyo

Photos courtesy Arjun Bali

Tokyo is a treasure trove of drain cover art - I suppose as you walk with your eyes peeled to the ground, the sky will most definitely fall on your head!

Stairwell art

In Australian wine country

The new age man

"Two blocks down George Street, take a right, another block and then a left... you'll find the best chap in Sydney to grease your joints"

Someone's watching over you

In downtown Sydney. Someone tell me who that is?

More rock art

Sign outside the ladies rest rooms at Dr Jurd's Jungle Juice in wine country north of Syndey. Legend has it that Dr Jurd went from winery to winery to collect wines from spittoons and blended, bottled and branded them Dr Jurd's Jungle Juice!

Rock art rocks

On a rock near the gorilla pen in Taronga Zoo in Sydney. The lazy King Kong is so aweinspiring in its size, the artist probably just dropped this knapsack on this rock which also froze in fear.

Sailor's outpost at The Rocks in Sydney

You could almost miss them as you saunter past...

What's in your head?

Exquisite street art found on the internet. Copyright: Zhang Dali